Hals Meets Manet, Singer Sargent, Van Gogh.

Frans Hals was rediscovered as a modern idol exactly 150 years ago. He was admired and venerated by late nineteenth-century artists like Manet, Singer Sargent, Liebermann and Van Gogh. The Frans Hals Museum is showing unique masterpieces from national and international museums and private collections. There has never before been an exhibition of this magnitude.

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Frans Hals, c’est un moderne

This exhibition shows the immense impact Frans Hals had on these modern painters. For the first time, paintings by the famous seventeenth-century portrait painter are being shown alongside responses to his work from other major eras of painting. Seeing works by Frans Hals alongside virtuoso work by the artists he inspired gives insight into how modern Frans Hals was in their eyes: ‘Frans Hals, c’est un moderne’.

“Why do we think that a portrait by Frans Hals seems good? Because it convinces us. And why does it convince us? Because it lives.”

Max Liebermann

Rediscovery of Hals

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the rediscovery of Frans Hals (Antwerp c. 1582 – Haarlem 1666) and his transformation from a licentious drunkard into a modern idol. In the eighteenth century and the first half of the nineteenth, Hals’s loose, rough painting manner was at odds with prevailing views about style.

In the eighteen-sixties this image underwent a radical change. A leading French art magazine ran an article extolling Hals’s virtuosity and bold brushwork as an example for modern artists. It prompted unprecedented interest in Hals’s work and artistic qualities. Prices of his work skyrocketed and every self-respecting museum and collector was eager to acquire a Hals.

At the same time, this re-evaluation sparked a veritable pilgrimage to the then Gemeentemuseum in Haarlem – the forerunner of the Frans Hals Museum. Haarlem emerged as a place of pilgrimage for artists. The visitors’ books of the time show that modern painters like Monet, Manet, Liebermann, John Singer Sargent and James Whistler visited the museum.

They had travelled hundreds of miles by boat or train to Haarlem to marvel at Hals’s work – and even to worship it. Inspired by Hals’s swift brushstrokes, his subjects and his pictorial vocabulary they set to work. Some of them copied him in order to master his style. The exhibition highlights Frans Hals’s impact on these modern artists.

Frans Hals’s impact on great modern painters*

“I can’t actually believe that Hals wasn’t a Spaniard as well. It wouldn’t be that odd, after all he came from Mechelen (which was in the Spanish Netherlands)”

Edouard Manet

Hof and Hal

The exhibition is staged in the Hof location of the Frans Hals Museum. The exhibition Noise! Frans Hals, Otherwise is staged in the Hal location. Your admission ticket for Frans Hals and the Moderns is valid for both the Frans Hals Museum locations. Our two venues are a seven-minute picturesque walk apart. Teylers Museum is an eight-minute walk from the Hof and entry is included when you buy a combination ticket.

“I’ve seldom seen a more divinely beautiful figure ... I stood there literally rooted to the spot.” Letter to Theo van Gogh, 10 October 1885.

Vincent van Gogh


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